Image Salt lake city : essential things to see and do

Salt lake city : essential things to see and do

Whenever visitors travel to Utah, Salt Lake City must be the first place to discover. As the capital and the most popular city of Utah, Salt Lake City has countless tourist attractions almost all over the city. A number of activities are also available to enjoy more the beauty and the incredible adventures that it offers.

Our tips about what to see and do during your visit

  • Temple Square

Most of Temple Square's attractions are related to the church of Jesus Christ. This is why Temple Square is considered as a holy area for Mormons. This public square looks really wonderful thanks to its beauty built by green trees and beautiful flowers. The place is also home to interesting buildings such as the Mormon temple, the Mormon Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall and the Temple Annex. If you want to complete your visit, take a tour at the monuments and memorials that are also settled in this holy area.

  • Liberty Park

It is the largest park of Salt Lake City with about 80 acres of land. As a huge area, the park offers a wide range of activities and a variety of incredible wildlife. You can take a nice walk and ride a bike around the park to see the different animal species roaming everywhere. If you are a fan of sports, there are many choices here, for example volleyball, basketball and swimming activities. For nature lovers, they spend much of their time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park which mainly includes super-green plants, romantic flowers and waterfront spots.

  • The Mormon Temple

Created in 1893, the Mormon Temple is one of the most essential religious sites in Salt Lake City. It is a high-rise building designed with impressive architecture. The overview looks impressive with the three great towers made with granite. The tallest of them stands at the east part of the Temple and holds an angel-shaped statue. Many visitors come here and they are allowed to discover the outside view of the temple.

  • The Great Salt Lake

Apart from the iconic scenery of the lake area which impresses a number of visitors, the Great Salt Lake also offers several activities. If you want to have incredible experience, you can go hiking, boating fishing along the lake. The location also has beautiful places for picnic where you can enjoy food and drink while surfing the clear water.

  • This Is The Place Monument

Located in the Eastern Salt Lake City, This Is The Place Monument is a historical site that you should discover when traveling in Salt Lake City. Visiting the monument allows you to discover a tall stone tower, incredible sculpture surrounded by super-green grassland. It is a picturesque site where most of visitors do not miss to take pictures.

Want to visit Salt Lake City?

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